Why work with us

Great software development starts with great requirements and are developed by great business analysts, great usability people, great testers, and awesome developers.

At VisionFoundry we seek out the best and brightest people and we know they don't always come with a computer science degree. We've filled our team with a talented assortment of teachers, lawyers, historians - and of course, IT professionals - who are all passionate about user-focused software design and development.

Does that sound like you? If so, read on to discover the benefits of working with us.

Escape the Dilbert cube

Software development companies often complain about how difficult it is to find good technical talent.  It's no wonder when they condemn their best and brightest people to a bland cubicle! At VisionFoundry we've put a lot of thought into creating a work environment where our people actually look forward to spending time.

All our furniture is mobile so it can be configured on the fly to create joint areas for collaborating.  We have offices with real doors that can be closed when you need to put your head down and think deep thoughts. Our kitchen is well-stocked and you'll frequently find a puzzle on the table in need of solving. We have flat-screen TVs for keeping in touch with the outside world or when you need a really big monitor.

Flexible working arrangements

We know that even the most dedicated employees have lives outside the office. So at VisionFoundry we give our people the flexibility to work from home. We don't think you should have to use your annual leave to take care of a sick child or because you have to wait for the cable company to show up.

Off-site doesn't mean out of mind

A lot of our projects are for the government and sometimes they require on-site work.  But when our people are out of the office we still keep them in the loop. We visit our off-site team members weekly, have monthly on-site staff meetings, and make sure they always feel supported by the VisionFoundry team. We understand the importance of being a part of something, so we negotiate our contracts to ensure on-site work is balanced with time at our HQ.

Corporate culture

Let's be honest - if you're good enough to work here you're probably already gainfully employed elsewhere. So before you even think about switching jobs we advise you to consider whether you would enjoy working at a small, results-oriented company such as ours.

To help you appreciate VisionFoundry's corporate culture we've put together a collection of some of our shared attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and organizational values for you to "try on". If you feel the fit is right we should meet!

  • You ran a lemonade stand as a child

  • You do all your shopping online even though you're only 20 minutes from Tyson's

  • You've sent an instant message to your kids when you had to work late to tell them to get off the computer and go to bed

  • You retired and then changed your mind because you really enjoy your work

  • You know the first names of a client or vendor's spouse and kids and you still socialize with them even after the business engagement ended

  • You think about starting a company or did so in the past

  • You don't think of your job in terms of 9-to-5

  • You've e-mailed an online vendor describing in painstaking detail how they could improve their site

  • You wouldn't hesitate to give a client your home or cell numbers

  • You're not afraid of making a wrong decision

  • You wear clothing with your company logo on it

  • You're passionate about a hobby (e.g. cooking, the civil war, baseball, etc.)

  • You don't have a degree in technology but somehow you ended up here anyway


Join us

One of the things we know about smart people is that they like to work with other smart people. If you're smart and passionate about user-focused software design and development we'd like to hear from you. So please send in your resume to jobs@visionfoundry.us and include the job title you are applying for in the subject of your e-mail.

Some of the positions we hire:

  • Software developers

  • Business and requirements analysts

  • Quality assurance professionals

  • Usability analysts

  • Project managers

We're always on the lookout for our next great hire. Even if we don't have the perfect opening right now, we'd love to talk to you.