VisionFoundry offers end-to-end custom software development services. We can take your software application, portal or e-commerce website from initial vision to finished product through all stages of the development process, including requirements definition, design, usability testing, coding, deployment and maintenance

enterprise portal design and development

Have you wasted a lot of money developing an enterprise portal that has failed to meet expectations and that employees don't want to use?

Or perhaps your portal project is bogged down in development. The development team keeps asking for more funding. But all you've got to show for your ballooning expenditure is an "interim solution" or "proof of concept" that doesn't meet users' needs.

The core purpose of an enterprise portal is to aggregate information and make it usable. But all too often employees complain they can't find the information they need and the portal is too hard to use. So they end up rejecting it.

here's how to fix it

From our experience portals fail because they weren't designed with the end users in mind. There's a gap between what the users want and the portal that is delivered by the development team.

Closing this gap is what user-centered design is all about.

Our guiding goal is to maximize the rate of user acceptance of the portals we design. We have created a user-centered design methodology to ensure our portals are always intuitive to use and deliver the expected results.

We understand usability testing at each step of a portal's design and development. Improving usability reduces training times, increases productivity, lowers total cost of ownership, and helps motivate customers and employees to take up the new system.

expected results

User-centered portal design and development is highly cost-effective, benefiting not only the end user, but also the system developers, support staff, trainers and documentation teams.

When you work with VisionFoundry you can expect the following results:

  • Your portal delivers the desired results
  • Employees are highly motivated to take up the new portal
  • Reduced portal training times
  • Increased employee productivity the portal pays for itself through productivity gains
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Your project is completed within the allotted time frame and budget, and without the typical frustrations

Proven track record

We have successfully undertaken portal projects for a range of large corporate and government organizations.

By hiring us to design and develop your custom software the project management is greatly simplified and you are guaranteed that the finished software has all the functionality and usability promised by the design; it works! Read on to see how VisionFoundry can help with all your application development project.

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