When it comes to software developers we're different because our primary focus is on solving the problem, not on the technology. While this may seem an obvious approach, the reality is often very different.

Many vendors operate from a predetermined checklist or provide off-the-shelf solutions. Not us! We look deeply into the anticipated results and tailor our solution to meet the desired outcome. We make sure we understand the "why" before we deliver the "how".

These are some of our guiding principles:



Before we begin to design anything, we establish your user requirements. We interview your staff and find out how they work, talk to your customers, read your manuals, and use your existing systems. We then employ user-focused design methods to create prototypes which we test with your users.

When you hire VisionFoundry to develop your software you get usability by default, because it's an integral part of our design and development methodology. It's how we work.

Requirements documentation is the foundations of a successful software development project. We always document requirements and design prototypes before we start the development phase. Creating an exact blueprint of our proposed design and testing it before we start coding ensures the end result is exactly what you want and meets your users' needs.user testing is essential

The only way we know to design a software application, portal or e-commerce website that works is to test it. We use wireframes for our first round of testing because making fixes in the design phase saves you money in the long run. We continue testing with each iteration, making changes as we go.


we keep everyone on brief and aligned to your goals

Every software development project require the input of multiple teams: business analyst, usability testers, graphic designers, software developers, and so on. It can be a real hassle to brief each new team and get them up to speed on the project.

When you work with us, we take care of the project management and direction for the entire development lifecycle, utilizing a suitable combination of in-house talent and proven sub-contractors. We ensure the project stays aligned to your original vision and goals through each stage of development, which means fewer hassles for you.

open, honest two-way communication is crucial

Good communication is vital to the success of any software or website development project. Continuous project monitoring and regular written and verbal status reporting provide you with the information necessary to make strategic decisions during each step of the software development cycle.

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VisionFoundry has a proven track record of turning around failed software projects. However, the best time to contact us is before you start your next project. That's because designing with users in mind from the outset reduces costs and ensures you get the desired results.  

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