VisionFoundry offers end-to-end custom software development services. We can take your software application, portal or e-commerce website from initial vision to finished product through all stages of the development process, including requirements definition, design, usability testing, coding, deployment and maintenance

quality assurance

Quality assurance or Software Testing on web projects is often an afterthought - if it's done at all. We've all seen websites with flaws so obvious that it's clear that no one tested them at all. At VisionFoundry, Quality Assurance is no afterthought.

Begin the QA process early in the project

Bringing QA into the process early - before a single line of code is written - saves our time and your money. We work hard to find problems before they happen and we encourage our QA people to be vigilant and outspoken. We look for everything from "gotchas" in the requirements to messes the usability review might have missed.

eliminating bugs - why it is important

People who work in IT sometimes take a casual attitude about errors and problems in software - after all, they are usually easy enough to fix. This is a mistake. In the commercial space, one reason people look at your website is to figure out whether they can trust you. Do you know what you're talking about? Are you a serious company? Is dealing with you going to be a pleasure or a nightmare? A site with serious bugs tells the user that you are not dedicated to your process. Existing customers who know you may put up with a bug or two, because they are familiar with you. But those potential new customers will move on to your competitor's website.

If you are a government agency or not-for-profit you still have "customers" - even if your site is 100% internally focused.  Effective QA will help establish and maintain your credibility and will allow you to focus on your programs, not on making excuses for your website.

our proven qa method

You have access to the issue tracker and are encouraged to participate. After all, it's your website!

We perform both automated and manual testing. We use manual testing during development because it's quick, simple, and highly effective - about 99% of the bugs we find are found during manual testing. Our manual testing scripts are based on the requirements and written in plain, non-technical language. We encourage customers to run them - and you get to keep them when your project is done.

We rely on automated testing using Selenium and Quick Test Pro (QTP) to quickly verify that stable features are still working (because every once in a while, something that's worked forever breaks).  

We also perform Load testing to determine a system's behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions.

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