VisionFoundry offers end-to-end custom software development services. We can take your software application, portal or e-commerce website from initial vision to finished product through all stages of the development process, including requirements definition, design, usability testing, coding, deployment and maintenance

user-focused  custom software design and development

Our job is to ensure the software we develop matches our clients' vision - that the intended users actually use the software to produce the desired results.  

It sounds so obvious, but as anyone who has commissioned a software development project knows, there are many ways to come unstuck in pursuit of this simple goal. Many projects fail to meet expectations and a significant percentage turn into outright nightmares.

We've developed a design methodology to ensure our software is always intuitive to use and delivers the expected results - every time. We call it "requirements profiling". Here's how it works in a nutshell:

discover and document

Developing software user requirements is a complicate process. Everyone has different ideas of what's necessary and how the system should work. Somewhere within the diversity of opinions lies the perfect solution.

Our first task is to interview everyone about the project. We get input and perspectives from the people who envision the project and the customers or employees who will use it. We research the existing system and read all the documentation. Once we have a complete perspective we produce the requirements documentation based on all our research.

draw and test

Next we create a proposed design based on the requirements.

Our experience has shown this statement rings true with most people: "I'm not sure what I want, but I'll know it when I see it." Rather than explain our proposed design in words, we create a visual representation of it using wireframes. The wireframes allow project stakeholders to "see it" so they can then give more meaningful feedback.

We use the wireframes to test the usability of our proposed design with actual users. This allows us to see if the system is easily understood by people who will use it.  

lather, rinse and repeat

Feedback from users is always an eye-opener and ultimately helps us create the best design. Our first iteration of the design is on the wireframes and we continue to test with each iteration, making improvements as we go.

At this stage we can hand over the tested design to your IT department for them to code, or you can hire us to complete the development process.

Knowledge transfer & training

When we hand over the finished software we provide training to your IT team to ensure they understand how it works and how to maintain it. That way you're not reliant on us if you want to add additional features or functions down the track.

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