who we work with

VisionFoundry provides user-focused software design and development services to a variety of military organization, law enforcement agencies, and medium-to-large corporations, including:

1. Military organizations and government agencies:

  • U.S. Department of Defense

  • Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines

  • United States Senate

  • Library of Congress

  • U.S. Capitol Police

2. Medium-to-large-business - especially those that:

  • Are results-oriented and customer-centric

  • Have a mature software system that needs an overhaul

  • Have a second or third generation e-commerce website and would like to increase their online market share

  • Would like to make their portal more user-friendly and efficient

3. Prime contractors on Government software development projects:

  • Seeking partnerships with a U.S. Small Business Administration Certified or Woman-owned Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). 

  • We can also expand the capabilities of prime contractors to corporate enterprises and non-government organizations by providing user-focused portal design expertise

Some signs of need for our services:

  • Your existing software is not producing the desired results

  • Employees or customers reject your system because it's too difficult to use

  • Your IT department is too busy to take on any new projects

  • Your current software development project has broken down

  • Your company has recently merged and you need to integrate existing systems

  • You use vehicle-mounted touch-screens (e.g. Panasonic Toughbook), but entering and searching for data is too difficult

  • Customers are not buying your products on your website

Clients are likely to be successful working with VisionFoundry if:

  • You have a clear vision of what you want to achieve

  • You are willing to set realistic, measurable goals

  • You are willing to actively participate in requirements gathering, interface design, and usability and beta testing

  • You have a dedicated project champion to coordinate logistics on your side and secure internal stakeholder participation

  • You focus on strategic issues, not line item task

If you fit the above profile...

We can help you create a useful and usable software application, portal or e-commerce website that delivers the desired results. Check out our range of user-focused software design and development services.