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Requirements definition and documentation

Before you begin to design a software application, e-commerce website or portal you must first establish your users’ requirements. Creating an exact blueprint of what you want designed before you start development ensures that the finished product is exactly what you want and meets your end-users’ needs.

Requirements gathering and documentation is the most critical phase of any project. Failure to complete it properly is where most failed projects go off the rails – before a single line of code is written.

The danger of skipping the requirements phase

The major reasons for rushing to programming are tight schedules and a strong desire to see something concrete right away. When people are accustomed to beginning coding early in the development cycle, it can be nerve-wracking to sit by while the requirement planning goes on.

Requirements documentation often seems particularly unproductive for developers who anticipate a lot of time spent debugging. But when you skip requirements this usually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Problems usually don’t surface until testing. The result is costly and time consuming re-working.

Our requirements methodology

First we investigate the users’ requirements. We visit our client’s location and immerse ourselves in their process in the field e.g. if we’re building software to support a help desk, we actually observe the help desk staff take and log calls. We then write up the requirements definition in plain English so all stakeholders can understand it.

Our process of data gathering, stakeholder analysis, business process modeling, and use case development provides the framework for creating detailed, traceable functional and non-functional requirements. Our requirements documentation enables the developers to deliver systems on time and within budget, and it also enhances the integrity and reliability of the finished product.

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